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Post-frame buildings are wood-framed buildings, they utilize trusses, rafters, or laminated lumber to support roof loads. Roof purlins and wall girts hold the posts and trusses or rafters together to form the basic frame. Steel, OSB or plywood provide lateral load resistance, creating a unique building that makes the light wood frame comparable in strength to steel and concrete structures.

Post-frame structures are built quicker than other kinds of buildings, this saves on material and installation costs. The savings in construction time and materials means you can have the quality building you want, in less time, for less money. These buildings are durable and long-lasting. It is the construction method of choice for any number of commercial, retail, industrial, residential, religious and public building needs. Post-Frame construction has many uses including strip malls, convenience stores, restaurants, multi-family housing and office complexes. Schools, churches, banks, fire stations, airplane hangars, and many other kinds of structures may also be erected using post-frame design. Many choose post-frame for homes, residential accessory buildings, garages, workshops and storage buildings.

Post-frame is customizable to provide the look you want, whatever interior or exterior look you prefer, post-frame can meet the challenge.